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In the season 3 episode “The Map”, which premiered in early 2012, Aunt Ginny dies. (The actress who portrayed her hair extensions, Frances Bay, had died in real life.) Brick’s elderly friend hair extensions, Grandma Dot, then moves in with Edie to take care of her. In the early 2015 episode, “Hecks on a Train”, […]

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All economies and wars are the result of human initiative or dispute. There are only two lifeforms on the planet that will destroy their own habitats to their own destruction. One is bacteria, the other is man. The shelter closed April 22 after two cases of the highly contagious CDV virus was found, then announced […]

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Marilyn Davies don have faith in petitions. We all had our own problems in the past. A court terme, la seule solution que je vois serait mon sens qu’on autorise plus de bateaux de plonge Malpelo. Les bateaux de plonge ne peuvent arraisonner les pcheurs illgaux (pas plus que les bateaux de la marine colombienne […]

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I’d look for a platform that speaks about their EXPERIENCE, compliance steroids, and underwriting expertise and not about their loan volume steroids, how much money they’ve raised or how big their budgets are. It isn’t impressive to me that a platform has a giant burn rate. What is impressive is that they can generate profits […]